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Introducing the team:


Fuelling Technology comprises of a team of highly trained engineers who boast 20+ years experience in the commercial re-fuelling industry. Each member served their time with Irish Pump & Tank Co. –the market leader of fuelling solutions to the commercial market for over 40 years – and was hand picked to re enter the commercial market in 2008 to bring reliability, experience and cost effectiveness back to the market place.


Service you can rely on:

Fuelling Technology provides a complete and comprehensive service to the commercial transport industry. We offer reliable products that are uncomplicated, robust and easy to use and aim to provide first class customer service. With many years experience in the re-fuelling industry we can provide the very best advice regarding to your new or existing re-fuelling operation.


With our knowledge and engineering experience within the commercial fuel industry, Fuelling Technology is ideally placed to offer best practice advice and solutions for all your fuelling needs.


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