Mobile Fuel Cleaning

Why Do I Need To Re-Circulate My Fuel


  • Contaminated fuel inside storage tanks can cause pump or vehicle filters to block, in some causes resulting in hefty repair bills.

  • These issues are caused by microbial contamination (often known as diesel bugs which are micro-organisms that grow on water present in fuel) biofuel is hygrospoic (attracts water)

  • The latest fuels contain a % of biofuel (up to 7%) & provide an ideal breeding ground for these bugs.

  • Even a small % of bio-fuels acts a a detergent cleaning the inside of storage tanks & pipework allowing for dirt/sludge to be sucked up by pumps, blocking filters. The sludge also contributes to poor emissions (seen as black exhaust smoke)

  • Over time these micorbes/bugs grow into large colony forming units (CFU's) which get sucked into fuel lines blocking filters.

  • Storage tanks particularly those with low useage require a system to keep microbes/bugs dormant by re-circulating the fuel to ensure an efficient microbial treatment




The polishing system circulates and cleans fuel by pumping it from the tank, processing it through the cleaning unit and back into the tank. The filters in the unit remove sludge along with other organic/in- organic impurities and water in a continuous process until all contaminants are removed. The process cleans the tank and its contents at the same time.


Diesel engines depend on two vital ingredients: air with sufficient oxygen content and clean, uncontaminated fuel. Stored diesel deteriorates over time. Fuel companies only guarantee their fuel to remain within the original specification for only three to six months when in bulk storage. That’s because so called ‘middle distillate’ fuels, including modern low sulphur versions, are inherently unstable.


Over time formation of tank sludge is virtually inevitable. And if water is allowed to collect in the tank through condensation, then bacterial contamination is almost certain to occur. If this fuel is not processed, it can easily clog fuel filters and generators, leaving your business or building vulnerable.


In brief, cleaning your fuel system will, reduce costs and help customers with their environmental compliance - clean fuel improves filtration, combustibility and stability, lowers emissions and extends component life.


Symptoms in the tank:


• Dark-coloured fuel

• Slimy mass in tanks and filters

• Water in fuel

• Sediments

• Unusual odour

• Fuel system fouling

• Unexplained contamination



If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, your fuel needs to be cleaned.

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