Fuel Storage Tanks

kielys underground adbluetanks

Totally enclosed bunded tanks are secure units – all fill points are contained in a lockable fill cabinet.


These tanks come with a lockable bund hatch as standard and with the option of a pump house, complete with roller shutter door. These units can be supplied with pumps, flow meters and auto shut-off nozzles on request. All tanks are pressure tested prior to dispatch. They can have top or bottom outlets, with a manual shut-off valve accessible through the bund hatch. There is less site preparation and no need to build a concrete bund or support walls. The tanks must be positioned on a solid level concrete base.




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Double skin underground storage tanks have an internal shell manufactured from 6mm steel and an external shell manufactured from 4mm steel. The dished ends are 6mm thick. They are supplied with DSA 3-suction 600mm diameter manlid with double tapered sockets and malleable iron plugs.


Also available as standard is a 1.2m2 access chamber frame, nylon ratchet holding down straps, brass calibrated dip rod, lifting lugs and a polypropylene glycol and water mix in the interstitial space between the two skins.





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What is AdBlue?


The parliament of the European Union has issued stricter emission standards (EURO 4 in 2006, EURO 5 in 2008) for heavy duty diesel engines. AdBlue is the trade name for an aqueous solution of urea (32.5%).




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Totally Enclosed Bunded Tanks

Double Skin Underground Tanks

AdBlue Tanks