The FT OMEGA is a simple yet sophisticated fuel management system, designed to provide complete control for commercial transport organisations dispensing fuel. The FT OMEGA comprises hardware and software, the hardware is a highly specified Fuel Access Control Terminal ( FACT) designed to be installed at the fuelling location to control existing or remote fuel pumps. FUELTEK FM is our reporting and control software and is a Microsoft windows based package which can run on any windows 32 bit platform. The FT OMEGA uses Datatag as the access method for authorisation to use the fuelling facility.


FT OMEGA - Specification

The FT OMEGA is specified as a pedestal mounted or wall mounted fuel

management system which can be installed near your existing fuel pump. The FT OMEGA is a single pump controller (1 pump operation). The FT OMEGA system incorporates a Graphics display which displays clear concise messages in real English, a robust heavy duty telephone style keypad which enables odometer readings, driver ID's, fleet numbers etc. to be entered at the point of fuelling and our reliable datatag reader. The keypad has alpha numeric capability, used the same way you would use text messaging on a mobile phone. The FT OMEGA incorporates vehicle / driver messaging. A message can be programmed at the FM software and sent to the FACT. The next time the relevant datatag is used at the FACT a message will be displayed. The System has a memory capacity of 2,000 transactions between downloads to the PC, these are stored in non-volatile memory that does not require a battery back-up, which, means even in the event of a mains power fail the system will retain all data.


Access Method

The FT OMEGA uses a Datatag as the access method. The Datatag we manufacture is a read/write tag, incorporating high security authentication using a cryptographic algorithm and a guaranteed 100,000 read/write cycles minimum. Data retention is 10 years minimum. The advantages of the Datatag are that there are no moving parts maintenance is therefore low, saving costs in the long term on the upkeep of the system. Datatags supplied are guaranteed for the life of the system. The datatag is a read/write device and can be programmed with many operating parameters. The datatag can be programmed either remotely at the FACT or at the PC.



For reporting purposes data is downloaded from the FACT via a communication link to an existing central PC running windows based FUELTEK FM software that allows reports to be viewed and / or printed from an existing PC / Printer set-up. The software can be installed and viewed on a single or multiple PC's . The FACT captures all fuelling transactions that take place, the FM PC software will download and process the fuelling transactions and put them into a readable report format.


The main tasks of FM PC software are :-


Communications to the fuelling terminal

Programming Datatags

Maintaining tables ( Driver\Fueller\Lockout )

Running Reports

Stock Control

Backing up data periodically

Although FM incorporates some standard report formats for ease of use, the software incorporates a reports generator which gives you the ability to create and customise your own reports if required.



The FT OMEGA can support a number or communication methods.

Direct Wire - RS485 , RS232 . - GSM Modem - Serial Modem - Radio Modem - Network Interface allowing the FT OMEGA to form part of a LAN / WAN.


We have improved on the standard for data - download, the traditional method of dealing with a fuelling transaction once it has been down-loaded to a PC has been to delete it from the FACT. The FT OMEGA identifies all transactions as having been downloaded and stores them at the FACT, enabling fuelling transactions to be downloaded again in the event of a PC failure.



The FT OMEGA (FACT) is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The unit is sturdy, robust and designed to operate in harsh environments.


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