Decommissioning  demystified


When a petrol station or private petroleum fuel storage facility is closed down, or is no longer operating, Irish law requests that this site is decommissioned safely in accordance with Health and Safety and Waste Management Legislation. As petrol tanks are at their most dangerous when left full of petroleum vapour, it is both illegal and highly dangerous to leave tanks lying idle.


At Fuelling Technology we take great pride in being able to provide a full site decommissioning service in accordance with current legislation.


On receipt of a customer order, we will attend site and carry out the following procedures to ensure that a site is made safe:


  • Disconnect all electrical and mechanical services to the site

  • Remove all petrol and diesel dispensing pumps.

  • Remove all remaining fuel and transfer to licensed disposal facility.

  • Clean all tanks internally to render them "gas-free".

  • Safely remove all tanks from their underground chambers

  • Dispose of all tanks under license or fill with foam to be rendered permanently inert.

  • All works are certified in accordance with current regulations