Critical Facilities


Day Tank Overflow Receiver and Pump


The M240 Receiver and Pump provides overflow protection for single or multiple day tanks. The receiver is located to allow gravity overflow from the day tanks. Integral level controls operate the high flow pump to return fuel to the bulk storage tank.


The M240 unit includes an OmniPlex 800 Control Panel, or optionally the unit may be controlled by a C900 CentraPlex Master control module. An Earthsafe C230 Motor Starter is also provided for pump safety and control.


The OmniPlex Controller provides Receiver – Pump operation and monitoring with HOA switches and an emergency stop. The OmniPlex screen provides a summary of operating parameters and allows selection of special operating modes. The Controller networks with other system controllers using Ethernet, and directly to Building Management Systems with an option of BACnet, Modbus, Metasys N2, or Lon protocols.


Generator Tank Re-Fill Kits


M550 Gen Tank Re-Fill Kits are used with generator sub-base tanks to perform standard day tank functions. Generator Sub-Base tanks are increasing used to minimize the floor space and installation costs associated with standard day tanks. Earthsafe Re-Fill Kits address the special requirements of these tank configurations.


Sub-base tank refill kits include:

 • OmniPlex or CentraPlex Controller

• Fluid level sensors

• Inlet flow control valves and accessories

• Return flow pump and controller where applicable


Fuel Polishing


The M300 Filtration / Polisher is designed to circulate and clean fuel stored diesel fuel at critical facilities. Filtration / Polishing has become an important aspect of emergency power reliability: * critical facilities store increasing amounts of fuel onsite to assure continuity of operation and this fuel has low turnover in operation.


•as diesel fuel ages, particulates form which can increase the wear on generator engine parts

•fuel storage tanks accumulate water through vapor condensation and this water can encourage bacterial growth

•newer diesel engines with improved emissions technology require higher purity fuel to prolong engine life.


The M300 Filtration / Polisher has an innovative compact design has a minimal footprint for Filtration / Polishing of tanks from 500 to 50,000 gallon capacity


The mechanical design is based on Viking pumps and Racor filters and is complete with strainers, check valves, ball, valves, pressure / vacuum gauges, relief valves. The unit is mounted on an integral containment with leak detection monitoring.


The Filtration / Polisher includes a motor starter panel, or optional VFD drive, with disconnect switch. The OmniPlex Controller provides Filtration / Polisher operation and monitoring with HOA switches and an emergency stop