Bunded Tanks

Totally enclosed bunded tanks are secure units - all fill points are contained in a lockable fill cabinet


These tanks come with a locakble bund hatch as standard and with the option of a pump house,

complete with roller shutter door These units can be supplied with pumps, flow meters and auto shut off nozzles on request. All tanks are pressure tested prior to dispatch. They can have top of bottom outlets, with a manual shut off valve accessible through bund hatch. There is less site preparation and no need to build a concrete bund or support walls. The tanks must be positioned on a solid level concrete base.


Bunded tanks are also available for the storage of biofuels, biodiesel, PPO and E85


Standard fittings are as follows:


1. 50mm BSP fill c/w lever valve and camlock coupling (80mm on units over 35,000 litres)

2. Tank vent / overflow

3. Bund inspection hatch

4. 50mm spare socket on bund eg. for bund alarm, gauge etc

5. 50mm BSP top connection for drain c/w plug

6. 50mm top of bottom outlet depending on installation

7. Lifting lugs

8. Bund bearers

9. Fill hatch built into bund as standard on tanks over 1,250mm high

10. 600mm diameter manlid fitted on all tanks over 35,000 litres

11. Units finished: Red oxide & 2 coats polyurethane top coat


Optional Extras:


Overfill & bund alarm

1. 50mm overfill prevention valve

2. Pumphouse complete with roller shutter door

3. Pump mounting platform

4. Dispensing pumps and fuel management systems

5. Fuel management bracket

6. Gauging system

7. Paint finished ranging

8. from 5-25 guranteed finish